A white-knuckle ride to save a great city from destruction
A breakneck political thriller set in the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany
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Black feminist comedy stories featuring Ms N, the world’s deadliest hotel manager
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About Me

About me

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog.  

My name is Leigh Turner, writer and ex-ambassador. I used to write under the name of Robert Pimm.  You’ll find references to him in older posts on this site.

I started writing in 1986 when I was working at the British Embassy in Vienna.  One night, my girlfriend was late for a date.  While I waited, I had an idea that turned into my first novel.  When worked at the British Embassy in Moscow 1992-95, someone told me to “write about what you know”.  I wrote a thriller set in early 1990s Russia.

The first became my satirical thriller Eternal Life – my first book published under my own name, Leigh Turner. The second is “in the drawer” – not yet among my first four published books

My next two books are my Istanbul thriller Palladium, due out with Immortal Works Press in May 2022; and my handbook The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy, due autumn 2022 or spring 2023. Again, both will be published under the name Leigh Turner, rather than Robert Pimm.

If you’d like to find out more about me, click on the “Read More” link below.  Otherwise, “Booksor “New Posts” are good places to start.  Happy reading!


Latest Articles


Diplomacy and the media

Diplomacy and the media can have a rich, mutually beneficial relationship – but don’t always. Diplomats should build media skills, too. This is a sketch

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“Palladium” – free!

It’s time to sign up for a free advance copy of my Istanbul thriller “Palladium”. Publication of my Istanbul thriller Palladium by Immortal Works publishers

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Eternal Life cover
Eternal Life

ETERNAL LIFE: what you should do next

“Eternal Life” is a re-edited, slimmed-down and improved version of my mis-named novel “Corona Crime”. It’s also the first novel published under my own name.

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