A white-knuckle ride to save a great city from destruction
A hard-hitting, fast-moving thriller set inside the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany
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Black feminist comedy stories featuring Ms N, the world’s deadliest hotel manager
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Leigh Turner
Author of Novels, Short Stories, Travel Writer & More
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About me

Thanks for visiting my blog.  

I’m Leigh Turner, writer and former ambassador. Since 2022, I have been proud to be represented by United Agents. You can buy my books on Amazon or from leading bookshops.

I’ve written thrillers set in all the cities I was posted to as diplomat or ambassador: Vienna, Moscow, Berlin, Kyiv and Istanbul.

Not all are yet among my first five published books

The latest is my diplomatic and life handbook The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy, published in German in April 2023. Bristol University Press will publish the English version, “Lessons in Diplomacy”, in September 2024. Sign up below for updates!

New here? “Booksor “New Posts” are good places to start. 


Latest Articles

Perfect Pimm's Antonio
Lessons in Diplomacy/The Hitchhiker's Guide to Diplomacy

The perfect Pimm’s

We all want a perfect Pimm’s. But how do you make one? Watch a video of Antonio, the best butler in the world, giving a step-by-step guide.

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3 Body problem

The Three-Body Problem

“The Three-Body Problem” is out on Netflix. Some Chinese critics are reportedly angered by the Netflix series, including its depiction of China. I can see why.

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Wodehouse on authors
PG Wodehouse

Wodehouse on authors

What are the views of PG Wodehouse on authors? “The Clicking of Cuthbert” reveals how he hated wannabe authors forcing themselves on him.

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Travis McGee

Travis McGee, loner prototype

Travis McGee, the creation of US author John D MacDonald, is a superb prototype of a loner hero. Lee Child cites him as an inspiration for his solo tough guy, Jack Reacher.

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