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Blood Summit: a second edition

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

A second edition of my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit” is coming soon. It will be shorter and tighter, with an all-new cover.

‘Leave me alone!’ An order. But then she made a mistake. ‘Please.’

I’m delighted to announce that a second edition of “Blood Summit” will be published soon. Here’s why.

Not an ambassador any more

US publisher Immortal Works will publish my Istanbul thriller “Palladium” on 17 May 2022. It will be the first book released under my real name, Leigh Turner, instead of my pseudonym, Robert Pimm. This is possible because I am no longer the British Ambassador in Vienna but have retired to become a full-time writer. The supposed risk that any of my books could somehow “bring the Foreign Office into disrepute” – a deep excess of caution, I always thought – has vanished into thin air.

Palladium by Leigh Turner
I’m excited about “Palladium”

Who is Leigh Turner?

I am hoping readers will enjoy “Palladium”, which is also my first novel to be published by a traditional full service publisher. Feedback so far from advance readers (thank you, all) is encouraging. I am keen that if anyone reads “Palladium” and searches for other books by Leigh Turner, they will find something.

I’ve already produced a second edition of my speculative thriller “Eternal Life”, with Leigh Turner instead of Robert Pimm as the author.

But that’s not all.

Editing makes a better book

The team at “Immortal Works” gave me great advice on how to edit a book. I applied those skills to “Eternal Life”, shortening it by about 12% and, I hope, improving it. It took me about two months of full-time work. I have now done the same with “Blood Summit”. I hope it will be better, too! But you, the readers, can be the judge of that.

A chance to try a different cover

The cover of “Palladium” is so beautiful that I thought I should try redesigning the cover of “Blood Summit”, too. I have engaged a talented designer who is working on the cover as we speak and has just sent me two brilliant options. Watch this space.

What’s different about the second edition?

As with “Eternal Life,” the second edition of “Blood Summit” is a bit shorter (about 5%) and I hope will read even better than the first edition! I am hoping people will like the new cover better, too. Feedback welcome.

An excerpt from the second edition of “Blood Summit”

By way of introduction, here is the prologue of the second edition. If you have read the first edition, you may not immediately notice the changes, but believe me, if this were a document with the changes tracked, it would be a mass of amendments. I hope you enjoy it. The second edition of “Blood Summit” should be available in the next month or so.


Two years earlier

Children played in the street outside her door. Turkish, Uli Wenger guessed from their dark skin and bright clothes. He walked around them. The first insect Uli ever killed had been a child. Today, he had more important business.

Dirt and spray paint decorated the surface of the door. Sixteen buzzers studded the wall. The target lived on the third floor. Uli pressed the button by her name.

The intercom crackled. ‘Yes?’

‘Post,’ Uli said. ‘A package.’

‘OK.’ The door popped open.

Cool dark air, and a smell of damp stone, streamed from the hallway to meet him. Two bicycles stood against a wall. Uli climbed the stairs. At the second floor, he took from his shoulder-bag a cardboard carton and a blue and yellow postman’s jacket. He trudged up the final flight and rang the bell.

This was the moment. If another door on the landing opened, Uli would walk back down the stairs. He counted the seconds. She stood behind the door. She looked at him through the spy-hole.

The door opened.

‘Hello, is that – ’

Uli Wenger barged into the apartment and wrapped his arm around the target’s face, crushing her nose and mouth. He reached for the knife at his belt. He had used it twice today already.

But unlike the men whose throats Uli had cut that morning, the woman did not struggle. She stood a head shorter than him, wiry and angular. He never relaxed his grip. Suddenly she dropped to the floor, a dead weight. He staggered. In that instant, she hooked one leg behind his and threw herself backwards.

Self-defence classes, Uli thought as he fell. It would make no difference. His head smashed into the bare floorboards. The woman landed on top of him. He lashed out with his free hand. His fist connected with her head, a solid, satisfying blow.

Uli jumped up. The woman scrambled to her feet and backed away. He edged towards her, senses alert. She would be dead in sixty seconds. Behind her, on a poster on the wall, a man in a tunic brandished a sword at an army of skeletons. The image meant nothing to Uli. He held his knife forward, ready to slash her throat. She must not scream. His fall had made too much noise already. The neighbours might be calling the police.

But the woman did not cry out. She lifted her hand to a drop of blood at the corner of her mouth. When she spoke, not fear but anger filled her voice.

‘What is this? Are you crazy?’

Panic pulsed through Uli. Could she know his history? His weakness? But that was impossible. Only Mouse had known, and she was dead. He hesitated, gripping the knife in his hand.

‘Leave me alone!’ An order. But then she made a mistake. ‘Please.’

The spell broke. Uli stepped forward. She tried to trip him again, but this time he was ready: when she reached out her foot, he grabbed her and threw her down. She gasped as she hit the floor. He fell on her, pressing his hand over her mouth and slamming the knife into the carotid triangle at the base of her neck. When he jerked the blade free, a torrent of blood rewarded him. For twenty seconds, he held her. Then he knelt, and cleaned the knife on her shirt.

The woman blinked.

‘Why?’ she whispered. ‘Why kill me?’

Uli did not know the answer. His employer had named today’s targets without giving a reason. The objective might be to test the efficiency with which Uli killed – or something else.

He shrugged. ‘Do you not know?’

Her eyes widened, but she could not speak.

‘I do not know either,’ Uli said. ‘And I do not care.’ He waited a few seconds longer, with his hand on her pulse. Then he rose and left the apartment.

[Excerpt ends]

Thanks for reading about the second edition of “Blood Summit”. I look forward to a “cover reveal” soon. And if you fancy reading any of my books that are already available, just click on the “books” link. You may find more there than you think.

Finally, if you’d like a reminder about what “Blood Summit” is all about, you may like to view my two professionally-made videos, in English and German, filmed outside the Reichstag in Berlin.


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading a copy of Blood Summit I purchased on Amazon. I also found mention of it on Goodreads which seems to indicate you have done well without a traditional publisher. Regardless, it seems you will do well no matter what. All the Best!
    Larry B.

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