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Leigh Turner Blood Summit videos in English and German

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

“Blood Summit” videos in English and German, taken at the Reichstag, show where the blood-soaked events of the thriller take place.

How useful are videos to publicise your work?  With the help of my friend Sibylle Trost, a Berlin-based film-maker, I made two “Blood Summit” videos to publicise my two live readings in Berlin in February 2020.

The difference between a video you make yourself with a selfie-stick, or that an amateur friend makes for you, and a professionally-produced video is striking. Take a look at these.

I commend them both.  Here is the first.

A video by Sibylle Trost of me reading from “Blood Summit”.  Now you can see the real thing.

There is also a German version, for which purpose I’ll switch to German.

Wenn Sie gern ein Video auf Deutsch anschauen möchten, auch von Sibylle Trost, schauen Sie hier (“Hallo: ich bin Robert Pimm – und ich bin hier in Berlin am Reichstag…”)

A shorter video, in German, about “Blood Summit”

I’m proud of Blood Summit, which has received numerous good reviews on Amazon.  Meanwhile, German rights for Blood Summit are still available.  Contact me if you are interested!

If you’d like to read Blood Summit or any of my other books, please see my book pages, here.


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