In these troubled times, East-West trust matters more than ever. What greater symbol of co-existence exists than the metropolis of Istanbul, poised between Europe and Asia?  What if someone wanted to destroy that symbol? In May 2022, US publishers Immortal Works will release my thriller PALLADIUM, a white-knuckle ride to save a great city from annihilation.

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PALLADIUM introduces John Savage, a British spy thrown out of MI6 for gross misconduct in Moscow.

In Istanbul, armed men seize Savage’s lover, archaeology professor Elif Mutlu, along with the Palladium, a talisman said to have protective powers.  Savage must work with Orhan, Elif’s macho intelligence cop brother, to track down Elif and stop fanatics killing seventeen million people in the turbulent mega-city whose success is a symbol that East and West can live together.  Elif must resist, and conquer, her captors.  Part I of the novel includes flashbacks to the siege of Istanbul in 1453.

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You can read the first chapter of PALLADIUM below.


The Janissary warrior, Yusuf Ali-Bey, had triumphed in countless battles. He had slain numberless foes.

He had never known horror such as this.

Today, Constantinople, great capital of the Christians, would fall. Glory would rain down on him. But only if he, the commander, fulfilled a task so strange he could scarcely believe his orders.

In the darkness, Yusuf gazed at his goal. His hand went to the nazar around his neck, beneath the chain mail.

The rotting bodies of his fallen comrades blackened the towering, thousand-year-old walls of Byzantium. Torches on the battlements and guttering flames amidst the rubble cast shadows over the myriad dead from a siege that had lasted an impossible fifty-three days.

Yusuf flinched as a hell-bellow of thunder roared behind him. Sultan Mehmet’s cannon, Basilica, forty spans long and cast of bronze full one span thick around the barrel, had spoken. Already, the giant iron ball had smashed into the walls, pulverising masonry, corpses, and the blackened hulks of burned-out war machines left by past assaults. Screams rang out from the Byzantine, Genoese, and Venetian defenders on the ramparts.

They were right to be afraid.

Yusuf smiled. The roar of the great cannon was an omen. By the time the sun had risen and set, every soldier on the walls would perish.

From the crest of the parapet, defenders swarmed down ropes and ladders to begin repairing with wooden beams and barrels of earth the damage wrought by Basilica.


Drumbeats rang out and a cacophony of pipes and trumpets erupted. Irregular bashi-bazouk forces, Christian slaves and mercenaries from Albania, Hungary, Germany, Genoa, Venice, and even Greece, in the service of the great Sultan Mehmet, rushed towards the walls with fresh siege ladders and grappling hooks, yelling their battle cries.

Behind them, Yusuf and his men slipped into the darkness, cloaks masking their captured Venetian armour.

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