Seven Hotel Stories

You’ll never make a fuss at a hotel again.

The Hotel Stories star glamorous, petite Ms N, the world’s deadliest hotel manager and her ally, the beautiful but naive Tatiana.  Do you think “men will be men”?  Ms N and Tatiana won’t tolerate misbehaviour.  Whether they use a giant cake, a posse of alligators, an enraged sushi chef, the Russian mafia or three metres of concrete, Ms N and Tatiana will always get their man.

A first collection, Seven Hotel Stories, is available as a paperback and e-book from Amazon.  Later stories are so far available as individual e-books only.

“Ms N is good at solving problems.  One day, I want to be like her” – Tatiana

“Funny, pacy and sexy” – writer Matthew Parris

You can read excerpts from each story at the links below.

  1. Britches
  2. The Two Rooms
  3. The Swedish Woman
  4. The White Blouse
  5. Gents
  6. Ask for Scarlett
  7. The Three Heads
  8. Seven Ukrainian Girls
  9. Total Control
  10. Hotel Corona

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