Cafe Museum Vienna – and other new Vienna cafe reviews – here

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Cafe Museum Vienna is one of dozens of cafes sampled in my collection of reviews, Vienna cafes: which are best?  See the latest reviews at the link.

I’ve recently added new reviews to my popular Vienna cafes: which are best? blog.  The dozens of cafes reviewed are mostly in the town centre, but include several in the 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th Districts.  Recent additions include the little-known Cafe Morgenstern (charming and super grunge) and the popular Cafe Museum Vienna, much restored since the 1980s.  I have also recently reviewed the Dolce Pensiero, The Cafe Engländer and the Cafe Eiles – all excellent.  Take a look.

If you have a favourite cafe you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments.  I’m highly suggestible and always looking for something original – see eg my brand new review of Cafe Malipop.

Cafe Museum Vienna.

The shabby but charming decor of the Cafe Morgenstern, complete with star – RP

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P.P.S. see my piece When dinner becomes the last supper for a tongue-in-cheek guide to “why German waiters are the best”.


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  1. Bin überrascht, dass ich als gestandene Wienerin dieses Cafe nicht kenne. Großartiges etablissement. Mein Vorschlag wäre. wenn noch nicht bekannt, das Cafe Frauenhuber im 1. Bezirk. Es ist das älteste Cafe in Wien, mit einer sehr interesssanten Kulturgeschichte – ist links neben dem Eingang zu lesen.Auch sehr gutes Essen und ausnehmend höfliche Kellner.

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