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Corona Crime and the collapse of civilisation. Could it happen?

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Could Coronavirus lead to the collapse of civilisation?  What if after COVID-19 we have COVID-21, COVID-35 and COVID-42?  Read Corona Crime (links in bold italics are to other posts on this blog).

What if technological innovation was so all-transforming that it led to the collapse of civilisation?

It has happened before.

In recent centuries we’ve got used to the idea that technical innovations – the steam engine, electricity, air travel, antibiotics, contraception, the Internet – mean that “Things can only get better”.

Corona Crime cover

Tell that to the collapsing dregs of the Roman Empire.  Or the Aztecs.

The image of people living in squalor amongst the ruins of magnificent, forgotten civilisations was a staple of romantic travellers in the 19th century.

But what causes the collapse of civilisation?

Suppose it was not an outside shock – the Mongols, say – but a technological change?

Maybe it is happening already.

Perhaps the Internet will destroy civilisation.

In my novel Corona Crime, the invention of the new life exchange fluid Coronatime removes the need for anyone to work.  Instead, anyone can sell their life expectancy to the highest bidder.

Poverty is eradicated overnight.

At first it seems that, by transferring life expectancy from the least able to the most talented individuals, society will become more productive.

Eugenics, anyone?

Not exactly.  Coronatime involves no force.  Less able members of society are happy to take hard cash for their surplus years – especially if a “termination contract” enables them to enjoy their payment up front, in the prime of life.

Who would say no to that?

But what if the richest and most brilliant members of society found that without the spur of mortality to drive them on, their creative juices simply stopped flowing?

Civilisation starts gradually to decline, with shocking results.

Until one day, a humble Coronatime enforcement agent realises that the system is rotten from top to bottom.

Welcome to Corona Crime – a sci-fi thriller for a world in the grip of Coronavirus.

You can begin reading Corona Crime by clicking on the link.  Enjoy!  And let me know what you think.

If you would like to explore my other writing, my two earlier books are Seven Hotel Stories and Blood Summit.



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