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CORONA CRIME review: a thumbs-up from “Inconsistent Pacing”

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Corona Crime review: the website “Inconsistent Pacing” offers a positive assessment: “there is an awful lot to think about in this book”.

Authors love it when people review their books.

Corona Crime cover

So when I saw that the website “Inconsistent Pacing” had reviewed my new book CORONA CRIME I fell upon it with enthusiasm.

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A couple of quotes from the review:

  • the story… is exciting, scary and at times very confusing
  • it’s… about inequality, financial crime and corruption on an unimaginable scale
  • there’s an awful lot to think about in this book
  • the central idea which fascinated me in Corona Crime is that progress is not linear. Sounds obvious, right? Except most sci-fi thrillers show us a world which is either incredibly advanced or returned to the wild.

A central idea of the book is, indeed, that progress is non-linear. As One-Lifer Hope Deadman observes in the book:

I told my gal the future looked

A scary place to be

She said, don’t worry Dad,

It’s cancelled.

I saw it on TV

One-lifer hope deadman

I’m grateful to the team at Inconsistent Pacing for their fast work in producing a Corona Crime review at such speed, and for liking it!

You can read more about CORONA CRIME on this blog; or buy it at your nearest Amazon store.


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