Eternal Life by Leigh Turner

ETERNAL LIFE: what you should do next

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

“Eternal Life” is a re-edited, slimmed-down and improved version of my mis-named novel “Corona Crime”. It’s also the first novel published under my own name.

‘Throughout history, humans fought to postpone death. Only in the twenty-first century did the marriage of big data and medicine turn immortality from a religious premise into a practical proposition.

Scientists at the Eternal Life Corporation of Coyote, California, developed Biotime. At first, governments ridiculed a technology that claimed to enable the wealthy to live forever, while eliminating poverty. Then they banned it. Finally, they bought it.

No-one foresaw how immortality for some would change society – and crime.’

Eternal Life by Leigh Turner

Eternal Life

Eternal Life is a “what if?” satirical thriller about inequality, migration, drugs, longevity, politics, organ trafficking and the limits of capitalism. In a rich, alternative world, plot strands from around the globe, peopled with diverse characters, converge on a climax in Vienna. Before then, we visit Santa Monica, the Mekong, Kansas, Tashkent, Aspen, New York, Samarkand, London, Warsaw, and the Philippines.

How new is Eternal Life?

The new book is a re-edited, slimmed-down and, I hope, improved version of Corona Crime. I worked on the revision for three months, deploying skills learned editing for publication my upcoming thriller Palladium for Immortal Works publishers. Eternal Life is 15% shorter than Corona Crime and should read better.

Why the new version?

I revised the book because:

  • lots of people told me the old title was irrelevant and off-putting (with hindsight, blindingly obvious);
  • I needed to practice my new-found editing skills; and
  • it felt good to publish the book under my own name, now I’ve left the Foreign Office.

What you should do now

If you have not read Corona Crime, you might like to look at Eternal Life. I have a special affection for the book. Obviously, all my books make great Christmas presents.

If you have read Corona Crime, you may not need to read Eternal Life – unless you’re interested in seeing what a difference three months of editing can make. But I would love it if you would write a review of Eternal Life on Amazon. It takes about five minutes. Being newly-published, the book has no reviews at all. This is bad.

If you have previously written a review of Corona Crime you can probably adapt that. If you’ve never written a review on Amazon, no sweat! It’s easy, so long as you have an account. A single sentence is enough – no need to get creative or invest a lot of time, although of course you can if you want.

You can read the opening chapters of Eternal Life on my new “Eternal Life” page.


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