Feminist short stories? What about “The Hotel Stories?”

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

What makes feminist short stories?  Is it a matter of content, or political correctness, or simply attitude?  Take a look at my Seven Hotel Stories and see what you think. 

At a recent reading from my blackly comic “Seven Hotel Stories” in Vienna, a man asked me:

‘These stories seem explicitly feminist. Is that intentional?’

This led to a discussion of “can a man be a feminist?”, to which most of the women present answered “yes, please”.

Robert Pimm reading at Shakespeare & Company

My pre-Corona reading at “Shakespeare & Co” in Vienna. This great bookshop deserves your support today!

“The Hotel Stories” are intended to be feminist

My answer was equally simple: yes, the “Hotel Stories” are intended to have a feminist flavour.

Ms N, the hero of the Hotel Stories, does not accept bad behaviour from her male guests – or colleagues.  She sometimes takes strong direct action to change, or sometimes, end, their bad behaviour.  She works with her ally Tatiana, who, although blonde, beautiful and not well educated, is brilliant and perceptive and learns quickly from Ms N.

Indeed, an early reviewer of the story “The Two Rooms” commented: “dark, feminist and fun – not three words you often hear together”.

I would be delighted to hear your views. To the question: “Are the Hotel Stories Feminist?” would you say:

(i) yes

(ii) no

(iii) why does it matter?

(iv) some other answer.

If you do not yet own a kindle or paperback copy of Seven Hotel Stories (click on link for Amazon) you can find excerpts from all the stories in this blog – have a browse – including a free copy of The Two Rooms.

Let me know what you think!

… and “Seven Ukrainian Girls”

Incidentally, another thoughtful person asked me whether I thought the title of my story Seven Ukrainian Girls” (Hotel Story no.8) could be politically incorrect. I urged her to read it and see what she thought. I would welcome your comments welcome on this, too. You can read the first part of “Seven Ukrainian Girls” at the link.

You can find Seven Hotel Stories here.

   Feminist short stories Seven Hotel Stories


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