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Free hotel stories: How to borrow the “Hotel Stories” for free

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Free hotel stories: you can read “Seven Hotel Stories” and other books free  via Kindle Unlimited and The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Here is some rather terrific news.  If you enrol in Amazon programmes called “Kindle Unlimited” and “The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library”, you can borrow all the Seven Hotel Stories for free as an e-book.  That’s right: you can read free hotel stories, right now.  Kindle compensates the author with a small sum.

You don’t get to keep the books permanently on your Kindle or iPad.  But since each of the Hotel Stories only takes about half an hour to read, that shouldn’t be a problem.  I honestly don’t mind whether you buy or borrow them – so long as you enjoy them.  If you do enjoy them, I’d love it if you write a review on Amazon.  That helps show other people they’re worth reading.

Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

You can find all my books together on my author page on Amazon.

To find out more about Seven Hotel Stories, including whether it is based on true facts, see this post on this site.

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