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Might one of my published books make a good gift? You decide. They cover a range of subjects and genres from comedies to thrillers and diplomacy.

I retired on 12 September 2021 after 42 years as a civil servant and diplomat. It’s been busy since then.

Gift books: the thrillers

Of my three published thrillers, two have had new covers recently:

Eternal Life, my first novel, is a speculative comedy thriller set in California, New York, London and Vienna. Blood Summit is a hard-hitting Berlin thriller with a feisty female hero. Palladium combines the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 with a blood-curdling attack on the modern-day city – and has both male and female protagonists, the latter with the hardest head in the world.

Might any of these be suitable for gift books? All are available on Amazon. Or you can browse the books section on this blog.

Gift books: Seven Hotel Stories

Christmas books Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

I had enormous fun recently at a book club in Wimbledon when I read the opening of “Britches”, the first – and possibly raunchiest – of the seven stories in the volume. The response was terrific – and not just because by then we had all had a few glasses of wine. Seven Hotel Stories remains one of my favourites – a great gift book for anyone who likes to see men getting what they deserve for behaving badly.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy

Christmas books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Diplomacy Leigh Turner

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy – Wie Diplomatie die Welt Erklärt (how diplomacy explains the world) is my diplomatic handbook about diplomacy and what lessons we can learn. It is published in German. I hope it is a terrific read and potentially a great gift book.

I am working on an English-language edition – watch this space for more on that.

What’s happening next?

I am hard at work on my new, scary thriller, working title “M.A.D.” Wish me luck. More gift books are on the way!

Gift books: latest news

Usually at the end of posts I urge people to sign up for this blog. But if you’re reading this you’ve probably signed up already. So how about following my Amazon Author Page? Just go to the link and click the yellow “Follow” button. If I publish a new book – not more than once or twice a year – you’ll get an e-mail.

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