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Hotel Story ideas: Seven Hotel Stories and 5 suggestions

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Hotel story ideas: how to enjoy “Seven Hotel Stories”, how to find stories 8-10, and where to find a free Hotel Story.

‘Where can I find out more about your paperback “Seven Hotel Stories”, featuring the world’s most homicidal hotel manager, Ms N, and her beautiful but naive ally, Tatiana?’ someone asked me the other day.

‘Try my blog,’ I said.

‘Sure,’ she said.  ‘But can you be more specific?’

I took a look and realised I had not written a post about my Seven Hotel Stories since May 2018.

Seven Hotel Stories

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Apologies.  I have been a bit busy since May 2018.  I have found time to complete three all-new Hotel Stories. These are entitled Seven Ukrainian Girls, Total Control, and Hotel Corona, all now published.  I have also written a new Istanbul thriller, Palladium, and a new comedy, The Boyfriend.

Five Hotel Story ideas

But the Hotel Stories are still terrific and I advise you to ready them instantly.  So here are five Hotel Stories-related suggestions:

(i) if you would like to know more about the Hotel Stories, try reading one free (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site);

(ii) explore other posts about the Hotel Stories on this site.  You can find them all at the Hotel Stories category;

(iii) if you would like to read Seven Ukrainian Girls, Total Control or Hotel Corona, try exploring my Amazon Author Page;

(iv) if you have read and enjoyed Seven Hotel Stories, please review them on Amazon – positively or negatively, as you see fit.  Reviews on Amazon are helpful as they show what real readers think;

(v) finally, if you enjoy fresh, original writing, feel free to friend me on Facebook or sign up for my weekly newsletter (you can unsubscribe anytime you wish).

Or something completely different

If you want something completely different, I recommend my Berlin thriller, Blood Summit.  Again, if you have read it already, a review would be most welcome.

Thanks again!

P.S. You can check out the range of writing on this site via the my five pleasure paths.


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