Gender and language: the Berlin thriller "Blood Summit"

Leigh Turner Readings (video)

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Leigh Turner readings: what are they like?  Watch a professional video of his first ever reading at Cafe Korb in Vienna in March 2018.

Leigh Turner readings: Cafe Korb

Franz Schubert steps to one side.

The lights go down.

Leigh Turner (me) looks at the packed crowd.

‘My name is Robert Pimm,’ he says.  ‘First time I’ve said that.’ (Comment: this was when I was still an ambassador and was using the pseudonym “Robert Pimm” for my writing.)

Many thanks to all of you who attended my first “Leigh Turner reading” from my Berlin thriller Blood Summit at the Cafe Korb in Vienna in 2018, introduced by remarkable artistic director Franz Schubert (“this name is not a joke”). Since then, I have updated the cover to my own name.

For good videos, try Sibylle Trost

The video of my reading from Blood Summit above is the work of the excellent Sibylle Trost in Berlin – thanks, Sibylle!

I was delighted to receive a good deal of positive feedback on 16 March, as well as news the next day that brilliant English language bookshop Shakespeare & Company at Sterngasse 2 in central Vienna had run out of copies of Blood Summit. they have more copies, now.

They have since renewed their supplies.

Blood Summit

Blood Summit (first edition) on the shelves at Shakespeare & Company in Vienna

I will be doing more Leigh Turner readings in future. Listeners always welcome! Or take a look at, and subscribe to my YouTube page for lots of writing inspiration and loads of readings. My Spotify podcast page (no need to belong to Spotify) has dozens of podcasts about writing and life. 

Leigh Turner readings: what to do next

Why not read the latest edition of Blood Summit? Quite a few people seem to have enjoyed it! Read it here:


Blood Summit by Leigh Turner

To read more about all my books, including The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy, click here.


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Gender and language: the Berlin thriller "Blood Summit"
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