Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

My Short Stories

Short stories by Leigh Turner: a summary including a dozen “Hotel Stories” and several others you can read on this site.

The Hotel Stories

Commentator and writer Matthew Parris has said of my Hotel Stories: “Charming, fun and fast-paced, Seven Hotel Stories brings Turner’s wit and vigour to that most difficult of literary forms, the short story.”

Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

“Seven Hotel Stories” looks like this

You can see all my published writing, including Seven Hotel Stories, on Amazon. The list includes several Hotel Stories not in the above volume, such as:

If you would like to get to know the “Hotel Stories”, you can read or download a free copy of “Hotel Stories” No.2, The Two Rooms, at the link

Other short stories

Other stories you can read on this site include:

If you would like to try something longer, you might like to explore “My Novels”.


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