“Palladium” – free!

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

It’s time to sign up for a free advance copy of my Istanbul thriller “Palladium”.

Publication of my Istanbul thriller Palladium by Immortal Works publishers in the US is drawing near. Latest steps:

  • the maps, of central Istanbul and the Black Sea, are ready;
  • we have worked on the blurb (30-word and 130-word versions) – coming on nicely;
  • the main text is finalised and proof-read;
  • cover art is in preparation. I can’t wait to see it.
Riot police Istanbul Turkey
Riot police – these, in Istanbul, are all women – feature in “Palladium”

Immortal Works plan to publish the book in May 2022.

One of the next steps is the release of the ARCs – the advance reader copies. These are complete e-books, but may not include cover art, maps or other illustrations. The idea is to distribute ARCs to potential readers to build up excitement about the new book. Any Amazon reviews will be an important bonus.

Palladium – free! Contact me now

Please let me know now if you would like to be an “advance reader” for Palladium.

You can send me an e-mail, if you have my address, or else use the “contact me” button top right (please use the “film rights” option under “subject”, as the “just to say hello” is usually a sign of spam).

Valide Han Istanbul
The roof of the “Valide Han” features in “Palladium”

The idea is that ARC recipients will feel inspired to write a review on Amazon when the book appears in May. Having a lot of reviews on Amazon is one of the best ways of making a book a success. But you get the ARC whether or not you feel like writing a review.

I expect to get the ARCs for Palladium within the next few weeks. I’d love to have a long list of friends and readers to send them to. The more the merrier! Please get in touch now to let me know you’d like to receive an ARC of Palladium – free – when they are ready.

Kebab Istanbul Turkey
Street food plays an important role in “Palladium”

You can read the first chapter of “Palladium” here.

It could be the thriller about Istanbul everyone has been waiting for.


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One Response

  1. Hello Mr. Turner,

    I would like a free advance copy of your new Istanbul thriller “Palladium”. Please could you send me your artwork?

    Best Regards,

    Ali Alparslan

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