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Resources for writers

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Resources for writers on this post include how to write articles and blogs; how to write a novel; dealing with rejection; scenes, sequels and cliff-hangers; editing as you go along – or not – and a selection of writing courses for you to try.

I’m off for a writing retreat in beautiful Loutro in Crete this week, flights permitting. I wrote a post about Loutro writing courses after my last visit, in 2019.

Loutro Greece
Writers often gather in the waterfront cafes in Loutro

Resources for writers

I have been busy the last few months writing the first draft of my new book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy (the link includes a picture of me – sort of – with Diana, Princess of Wales, in Vienna). I’ve sent it to the publisher and am taking a breather to plan my next thriller.

If you’re a keen thriller reader, let me know in the “comments” section what you’d like my new thriller to be about. All ideas welcome!

Meanwhile I thought I’d gather a few resources for writers together in one blog post. I list them below. The suggestions are leavened with pictures of writing in Loutro. I hope this year will be just as idyllic.

Paper or computer – which works better for fiction? Click on the picture to find out

Writing courses

Writing courses are a great way to sharpen your writing skills. Believe me, we all need it! I’ve been on a few; click on the links for my reviews:

Another fine writing spot in Loutro

Resources for writers: writing a novel

How is your novel or short story going? If you are looking for resources to get you started, try these posts:

You can write in the evening, too

Resources for writers: writing the perfect blog post or article

This blog has three linked pieces on this.

  • First: decide your message, and make sure people want to read about it.  Part 1 of this series, 7 tips for writing the perfect article, explores how to ensure your piece will land well (links in bold italics are to other posts on this web-site).
  • Next: structure your article.  Part 2 of the series, Nut-grafs and Cosmic Kickers, sets out a simple 4-step template to write your piece – including how to get started and some worked examples of blog structure.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Read pieces critically.  Study worked examples.  Understanding how others use these techniques will help you do the same.  Part 3 of the series, gives two more worked examples.
Who knows which story this became?

Thanks for reading and good luck with the writing. As always, comments and questions welcome. I hope to post some pictures from Crete on my social media feeds over the next week or two.


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