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Sci-fi overtakes reality: what if your speculative novel becomes real?

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Sci-fi often overtakes reality.  In my books, many of my worst predictions about the future are already coming true – like chips in people.  A chip to use a photocopier could become much worse.

I have written before about my fears that if I don’t publish my novels soon, they will come true.

Corona Crime: sci-fi overtakes reality

This was in danger of happening to my satirical speculative thriller Eternal Life.

Sci-fi overtakes reality: chipped at birth

When I wrote Eternal Life, I imagined that before long, every human would be chipped at birth.  I imagined that such chips would be linked to your DNA to prevent transplants.  Those chips would communicate with a central database a thousand times a second to confirm your location and what you were up to.  They would also check the chip was still inside your body, by checking your DNA.

Chipped office workers

Now I find that similar chips – minus the DNA, so far – are being used to allow staff in Sweden to use the photocopier:  No more painful than an injection, reports the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones.

Better get ready, guys.  They started with cats and dogs.  Indeed, I have just read a story about the BBC about a new plan to ensure every cat in the United Kingdom is chipped by 2022.

Soon, they’ll be coming for you.


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