Seven Pleasure Paths

Welcome!  This page is to help you find your way around the 300+ posts on this site via seven pleasure paths.  Links in bold italics are to other posts on this site.  

Path 1: Original fiction

Blood Summit by Leigh Turner

Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

A couple of other complete short stories on this site include:

My third novel is my speculative comedy thriller Eternal LifeWhat if it became possible to buy or sell your life expectancy? Sounds like a winner all-round, right? Wrong.

Eternal Life by Leigh Turner

You can read more about my novels and my short stories at the links.

Path 2:  Writing tips

Do you want to improve your writing technique?  You can see tips about writing under my Writing Tips category.  Examples include:

I review writing courses:

I set out tips about journalism here:

Path 3: Existential and women

Reflections on happiness, the meaning of life, and women, e.g.:

James Joyce

Path 4: Reviews

I was prompted to start writing reviews by so enjoying the awesome Anthony Trollope that I felt I had to share him.  I received a strong response, so thought I would try a few others.  You can see them all or sample the list below:


Path 5: The latest thing

If you’re a regular visit, you can browse my latest blogs.  I write a new post every week or two.  Do have a browse!  Recent pieces include: John Connolly’s Charlie Parker Novels: Read them, written after I interviewed this outstanding thriller write in Vienna.

John Connolly in Vienna

Top thriller writer John Connolly generously buying a copy of my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit

Path 6: Videos

Since I introduced my “5 pleasure paths” I have also set up a Video Page where you can see recordings of some of my readings.  Excellent entertainment.

P.S.  If you enjoy fresh, original writing, feel free to join my mailing list.

Path 7: Hard to categorise

OK.  Too many paths.  But I can’t leave out these:

I hope you enjoy the site!


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