The Third Man

The Third Man movie locations in Vienna

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

The Third Man movie locations include numerous iconic sites in the heart of Vienna.  Here is the Palais Pallavicini, location of Harry Lime’s apartment, as it appears today.

Iconic images

When I knew I would be moving to Vienna, I changed the heading on my Twitter account to a new image.

Third Man movie locations

My intention was to hint, to those who knew either Vienna, me or both, that I was on the move.

The picture is an image from my all-time favourite film, set in post-war Vienna, The Third Man.  To avoid spoilers I shall not say what it depicts, but merely to look at it gives me shivers of recollection.

Third Man movie locations in Vienna

Vienna is rich with Third Man locations, many redolent with history.  You can even do a tour of the sewers, where key action from the movie takes place.

Third man movie locations: the lair of Harry Lime

But perhaps the most evocative location of all is the apartment of Harry Lime, the anti-hero of the movie.  This is where we first hear that someone has run down and killed him in a truck.  His grieving lover, Anna, still lives here.  So I was delighted when I recently attended an event at the location, the Palais Pallavicini.  Some photos are below.

Third Man movie locations

The entrance to Harry Lime’s flat (Palais Pallavicini) – photo Leigh Turner

Third Man movie locations

The carriageway inside Harry Lime’s flat – photo Leigh Turner

Third man movie locations

The staircase within – photo Leigh Turner

Third man movie locations

Looking up the staircase – photo Leigh Turner

What can we learn from all this?  First, that the location scouts on The Third Man, which was filmed in 1948, had a fine eye.  Second, the owners of the Palais Pallavicini, which you can hire for events, have a wonderful, well-maintained asset.  Third, Vienna teems with palaces.  It’s a privilege to live here.

My review of “The Third Man”

To read my review of “The Third Man”, see my post: The greatest movie of all time: 7 reasons “The Third Man” is movie magic.

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