Vienna bookshops: where to buy books by Leigh Turner

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Vienna bookshops: the best bookshop in Vienna is Shakespeare & Company.  You can buy all my books there including my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit”.  

The book fits right in, between Ian Fleming and John le Carré.  Good company.

Vienna bookshops: Shakespeare & Company

First, “Robert Pimm” edition of “Blood Summit” at Shakespeare & Co in Vienna

Shakespeare & Co, the famous Vienna English language booksellers, support authors.  They have been kind enough to stock all four of my books so far:

  • my Berlin thriller Blood Summit; 
  • my black comedy sci-fi thriller Eternal Life; and
  • my black comedy shorts, Seven Hotel Stories.  I am proud to see it there on the shelves.

It gives me great pleasure to see these books up on the shelves of Shakespeare & Company.  I encourage all of you who live in Vienna to go down there.  In addition to my books they have a fantastic collection of fiction and non-fiction books on their well-stocked shelves. 

Shakespeare & Co is at Sterngasse 2 in central Vienna (1st District).  It is worth a visit.  A sketch, including of the excellent Guy Perlaki who helps run the shop, is on the Vienna Würstelstand site.

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If you do not live in Vienna, do take a look at my most recent books, and where to buy them.
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  1. Als nicht an allen zeitgenössischen Segnungen der Technik teilnehmender Mensch, wünsche ich mir sehr, dass Robert Pimms Hotelstories in Paperback erscheinen.

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