Robert Pimm readings in Berlin and Vienna – and a Reichstag tunnel

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Robert Pimm readings: in February 2020, before Coronavirus, I did two readings in Berlin from my thriller Blood Summit, and one in Vienna, from my black comedy Seven Hotel Stories.  

Robert Pimm readings 1: Berlin

The first of the three February readings included a Reichstag tour.  Top film-maker Sibylle Trost organised it.

At the summit of the Reichstag’s spectacular dome I described how, in Blood Summit, terrorists seize the President of the United States and other world leaders at a summit in the building.

It is hard to imagine a more spectacular setting for a thriller

About 20 people came on the 21 February tour.

We held the reading courtesy of Berlin firm Mazars in their stunning office overlooking the Reichstag.

Robert Pimm readings 2: Berlin

The second Berlin reading, on 22 February, was hosted by Christiane Landgrebe and Ari Grosskopf.  Christiane and Ari hold regular salons and were kind enough to invite me to read.  It was a beautiful, relaxed evening.

Blood Summit: the tunnel under the Reichstag

Shortly before the Berlin readings I was able to tour the non-public areas of the Reichstag building, including the tunnels which play a crucial role in Blood Summit.

Robert Pimm readings 3: Vienna

On 13 February, the famous Vienna bookshop Shakespeare & Co invited me to read from my book Seven Hotel Stories.  The session was packed: at the signing afterwards, I ran out of copies of the book.

I recommend Shakespeare & Co – a great bookstore.  Please support them by buying their books when they reopen.

My post “Blood Summit” live readings in Berlin (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site) features videos of me reading from Blood Summit at the Reichstag in English and German.

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