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Cult movies – a hymn of praise to Zombeavers and other weird stuff

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Cult movies are only for cult movie fanatics, right?  Wrong.  Branching out into less-known movies you can maximise your fun and light up your brain.

Cult movies: meet the experts

One of the joys of writing a blog is that occasionally some terrific people read you, follow you, like a post, or otherwise emerge from the woodwork.

Step forward twogeeksoneblog.

Cult movies: Zombeavers

I was lured to their site by them following or liking me (can’t find it now); checked them out; and found both a trailer and an enthusiastic review of the awesome-sounding Zombeavers trailer below.  Warning: don’t watch if you object to truly terrible movies stuffed with sexism, violence and hilariously crude special effects.

The two geeks also do a splendid job on Prometheus, which I too found tragically disappointing.  How could so much money and talent go so wrong?  The two geeks explain.

Wonderful stuff if, like me, you enjoy weird, wonderful and entertaining movies.

Speaking of which, here’s the last one I enjoyed immensely, part of the !f Film Festival a few years ago in Istanbul.

Cult movies: Tokyo Tribles

Tokyo Tribes was my first and probably last Japanese gangsta rap movie.  Exquisite, if you like that kind of thing.  The link takes you to some still shots which capture the mood of the movie better than the rather pathetic trailer, which you can also see there.

A Girl Walks Home at Night

Unfortunately I missed A Girl Walks Home at Night, which was also on at the !f Festival.  Who could resist “The first Iranian vampire Western ever made?”  I’m waiting for the DVD.

We need more cult movies like this.

So much for my plan to go to bed early tonight.  I blame you, two geeks.

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