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Fiction vs journalism: a disclaimer

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Fiction vs journalism: recently, someone thought that a novel I had written could be interpreted as fact, or commentary. Wrong!

Journalism vs fiction

I want to alert readers of this site to the distinction between the pages listed under “Journalism“, which are based on fact, and the pages listed under “Fiction“.

There is, by the way, masses of fiction, and journalism by me at the links in the previous paragraph.  See if you can tell the difference.

Anything listed under “Fiction” is a work of fiction.  None of the police officers, journalists, diplomats, politicians, military types, terrorists, assassins, hotel customers, waitresses, clowns, alligators, tycoons or any of the other characters who appears in the works in this category is in any way based on anyone I’ve ever met, heard of, or seen on TV.

Leigh Turner Seven Hotel Stories

“Seven Hotel Stories” is a work of fiction

For example, the “wonderful, feminist and dark” Seven Hotel Stories do not depict an actual hotel, or a real hotel manager with occasional homicidal tendencies (read them now to learn how to kill someone with a white blouse, or with an iPhone in the hands of an innocent onlooker).

Nor do any of my works of fiction, whether novels or short stories, contain any information which I think might endanger the security of real people.  Indeed, I may lightly morph some descriptions of security procedures, government organisations or layouts of buildings to avoid compromising security.

I hope that’s clear.

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