Palladium by Leigh Turner

Istanbul thriller “Palladium” published

Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

Elif leaned into the sarcophagus and, with the fingers of one gloved hand, eased a strand of hair away from the child’s face.

A soft, rounded profile looked back at her, set in an expression of extraordinary serenity.

A girl.

My first traditionally published thriller

On 17 May, US publishing house “Immortal Works” published my Istanbul thriller Palladium. I wrote recently about how the novel’s journey began with the murder of a Russian banker in Moscow in 1993. I’m thrilled to have secured a commercial publishing contract. I may have some more good writing news soon: watch this space.

What is “Palladium” like?

Ahead of publication, I sent so-called “advance reader copies” to volunteers, in the hope that they would enjoy the book. Many have kindly written reviews. In addition, some people have already bought the book and reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads.

So far most reviews have appeared on the UK Amazon site – about 21 so far. You can read them here. Wonderful readers in Germany and Austria have also posted another 11 or so reviews. Do have a browse and see what you think. US reviews are so far fewer – four or five so far, depending on how you count.

If you have read the book but have not yet had time to pen a review, please do! It would be lovely to have a few more. The shortest review so far is four words.

My readings in Vienna

On 23 May I did a reading in Vienna at the “Tandler Lounge”. This is a terrific venue where MA48, the City of Vienna’s waste disposal team, repair and put on sale items donated by households. You can buy bikes, electronics, books, clothes, skis – almost anything – it’s terrific and green and the proceeds go to charity. They also have a performance venue with a bar. Around 90 people attended on the night.

Istanbul thriller "Palladium" reading in Vienna
My reading on 23 May in Vienna

I read from Chapters 1, 6, 13, 14 and 16 of the book, showing both the origin of the Palladium myth and how archaeology professor Elif Mutlu uncovers a mystery in a tunnel – see above. It seemed to go down well. Dr Dietmar Klose, head of MA36, the Vienna city department dealing amongst other things with engineering and public performances, generously accompanied me on the piano. You can hear him, and a short clip of my reading, on my YouTube channel (look under “Reading Videos”).

It was wonderful to welcome many old friends and make many new ones at the Tandler Lounge reading. I look forward to returning there for the launch of my next book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy, in 2023.

Istanbul thriller "Palladium" - reading in Vienna
Excellent technology at the Tandler Lounge

While in Vienna I also spoke on the subject of “The Cold War” to the University of Vienna history department; and gave a talk based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diplomacy at the offices of the LGP Law Firm.

Where can you buy “Palladium”?

Bookshops in the US have Palladium. So does Shakespeare & Co in Vienna. Or you can buy my Istanbul thriller from Amazon – just search for Leigh Turner Palladium and you should find it.

Palladium by Leigh Turner

Other publicity for an “Istanbul thriller”

Palladium has, not surprisingly, had a lot of coverage in Turkey. The Anadolu News Agency published a nice interview in English on 17 May (you can read it at the link). And top journalist Barçin Yinanç published a Turkish piece in the newspaper “Oxygen” (Oksijen) – I’m most grateful to her.

Leigh Turner interview Oxygen
My interview in “Oxygen”

Elsewhere, I did an exclusive preview reading in Pembrokeshire for friends on 15 May. This produced an interesting discussion, including on whether one could, or should, take a firm position on whether the Palladium actually exists. Thanks to all who listened in.

I am planning to do another reading, accompanied by the famous Turkish pianist duo Ferhan and Ferzan Önder, on 22 October in Vienna at the ORF Radiokulturhaus. Please put the latter in your diary if you are likely to be near Vienna on that date!


I’m grateful to all of those who have read Palladium so far; have written reviews of my cherished Istanbul thriller; or have come to a reading. In Vienna, the audience included famous thriller writer Marc Elsberg, whose terrifying novel Blackout has been a huge hit and was recently filmed for TV. He was kind enough to buy a couple of my books, too!

Marc Elsberg and Leigh Turner
Marc Elsberg generously bought two books

I hope many readers will continue to enjoy “Palladium”. Feedback welcome.


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  1. Leigh I’m currently reading Palladium – I’m about a third of the way in – and am loving it! Terrific pace and a fantastic sense of place – the reader is completely immersed in Istanbul past and present. I’ll be adding to those reviews when I’ve got to the end (which I can assure you won’t be long)

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