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Leigh Turner
Leigh Turner

My Istanbul thriller “Palladium” is on Audible. It’s a cracker! Contact me now if you’d like a free audio review copy while stocks last.

“Palladium” on Audible

In April 2022, US publishers “Immortal Works” published my Istanbul thriller “Palladium” as a paperback and Kindle edition. Palladium stars disgraced ex-MI6 agent John Savage, plus Turkish archaeology professor Elif Mutlu, the toughest, most indomitable woman you’ll ever meet.

Now, “Immortal Works” have published an Audible version, expertly narrated by the experienced and talented voice actor Joff Manning. It weighs in at a substantial 9 hours and 19 minutes, and is excellent – I’ve listened to it this week. Hearing the book narrated, with the voices of the different characters, is a completely different experience from reading it. I thoroughly recommend the audio version.

If you have Audible already, you probably know how to find “Palladium” there. If not, here is a link.

Palladium on Audible

“Palladium” looks like this on Audible. More reviews/ratings welcome!

“Palladium” on Audible: free audio review copies

As the author, I have been sent a limited number of “free audio review codes” for the Audible version. These allow people to enjoy a “Free audio review copy” of Palladium on Audible. You don’t have to have an existing Audible account, so far as I can work out.

If you would like a free promo code, please e-mail me or contact me through the “Contact me” page on this site (toggle the “subject: to “Film rights” as many bots use the “Just want to say hello” heading). I have rather few vouchers for the US and slightly more for the UK, but I’ll be happy to send you a promo code while stocks last.

I of course would be delighted if you feel the urge to review or rate Palladium afterwards on Audible, Amazon, or both.

Nearly free on Kindle – a .99c “Palladium”

At the time of writing, you can download the Kindle version of Palladium for just .99c in the US from It’s slightly pricier in the UK, but still good value. The paperback version has also come down in price since I last looked. Do have a look. I’m proud of Palladium, as an action-packed thriller, as a love-song to Istanbul, and as the first book I had published by a commercial publisher.

What do do next

Feel free to browse this blog – “a surprising amount and variety of stuff”, someone told me the other day. Or take a look at my other books – some variety and amount there, too.

If you are a film producer, do contact me or United Agents. Film rights for “Palladium” are still available.

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